The head of US Treasury believes that sanctions significantly harm Russia

1Jack Lew said that the recommendation of the US authorities to the banks not to buy Russian Eurobonds in fact, too, was part of a sanctions policy.

WASHINGTON. US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said that Western sanctions significantly harm Russia. He confirmed this, speaking at the budget hearings in the US Congress. From his statements, in particular, it indicated that the recommendation of the US government to banks not to buy Russian Eurobonds in fact, too, was part of a sanctions policy.

Responding to a question on this subject, especially Liu recalled the “very strong sanctions against Russia over Ukraine.” But later in the same context, he said of Russia: “Now they are trying hard to attract financing through eurobonds. And it is difficult to draw any financial institution to work with them, even though, technically it does not fall under the sanctions.”

According to the propaganda standards

Speaking about the sanctions imposed because of the situation in Ukraine, first of all, Liu stressed that the United States fails to “maintain the unity among the European allies to sanctions remain in force.” Naturally, this once again confirms that the United States promoted sanctions policy against Moscow and the EU make it stick.

2Lew asked how effective the sanctions and what measures Russia has taken to respond to them. The answer was given in full accordance with the standard propaganda thesis, which is guided in such cases, all the US administration. “We developed these sanctions so as to minimize side effects for others and direct them to the people standing closest to the decision-making”, – said the head of the US Treasury. “I think they are very effective, – he continued. – Precisely evaluate the impact a bit difficult due to the fact that the rapid fall in oil prices have a lot of factors, damaging the Russian economy. But the Russian economy is in a terrible state, and partly because of the sanctions.”

However, Liu did not fail to mention the fact that the US “would love to lift the sanctions” in case of “implementation of the Minsk agreements” and “policy change” in Russia. He also recalled the well-known examples of cooperation between the US and Russia – on the Iranian nuclear program and Syria, including the most recently.

Russia has its own interests

4“I think we will have to cope with this relationship, on the understanding that our actions have an impact, – he said. – We can maintain unity on such things as sanctions over Ukraine and Russia will continue to make decisions based on their own understanding of their national interests. ” “But I can tell you that the Russian economy is now in a much worse state than if there were no sanctions, and that because of that in Russia many wear” – says the American minister.