Visa has lost interest in lobby

1International systems questioned the appropriateness of maintaining lobbying resources. Visa withdrew from the Board of profile association “National Payments Council” (NTC). Experts believe that Visa is actually recognized senseless investments in development of the Russian payments market.

The fact that Visa withdrew from the board of the Association “National Payments Council”, said the source. The NPC is confirmed.

2«Visa has decided to withdraw from the board of the association, – says the executive director of the NPC Maria Mihaylova.- But she maintains membership on the rights of an ordinary member. Participation on the board – this is a separate function that requires attracting quite a lot of effort and resources. ” The Visa does not comment on the reasons for exit from the board NPC: «Visa will continue to actively participate in the activities of Russian industry associations, including LES, in order to promote the development of electronic payments in Russia.”

LES Association was founded in January 2012 by three companies – Visa, MasterCard and the “Golden Crown”. Now 12, NPC members. The board consists of top managers Visa, «Zolotaya Korona», MasterCard, MTS.


The reasons for leaving the board of the NPC at the Visa may be several, in particular the change in leadership – on April 18, it will be headed by the ex-deputy chairman of VTB 24 Catherine Petelina.

In addition, participation in the NPS board costs 2.5 million rubles, which is much more expensive than regular membership in the Association.

«Apparently, Visa revises its attitude to the Russian market and thus reducing its investment in the development of the industry of cashless payments in Russia, because that is what was originally to create the association.»

Dmitry Vishnyakov, ex-director of Visa for cooperation with bodies of state power