Significant changes & developments in US business industries after Trump wins presidency

trump development for us industryPeter Navarro was appointed by President-elect Donald Trump as the new head of the White House National Trade Council, causing alarm among Chinese state media. Pete Navarro is a well established economist who is very vocal about imposing strict policies against China.

Navarro is the author of “Death by China: How America Lost its Manufacturing Base”. This was later made into a documentary, unravelling the Beijing’mission to become the biggest military and economic leader in Asia.
The Chinese Ministry of Commerce emphasized that China and U.S. currently have a mutually beneficial trade relationship. They also warned the new Washington administration against any undoing, which might harm their ties.

Aside from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, China’s Foreign Ministry is also closely monitoring the team of the new U.S. administration waiting for possible indicators of new policies and cooperation between the two powerful countries.

china business influenceThe China Daily editorial section also raised concern regarding Navarro’s appointment, stating that letting someone who has a strong bias against China to lead a fundamental position in the new administration is no laughing matter.

Global Times, a well-known tabloid published by the Communist Party’s official People’s Daily, also voiced out its opinion regarding the current situation. They called the appointment “by no means a positive signal”, saying that the Chinese government should accept the reality that the Trump administration will not be easy with China and that they should be prepared for any unfavorable move from the new administration.

The Global Times editorial section also claim that China’s strong enough to tackle any pressure from the Trump administration. They claim that if pressed over its primary interests, Beijing will not be thinking twice about doing a showdown with the U.S in order to get the latter’s respect.

Trump enters White House on january 20U.S president-elect Donal Trump, a Republican, has cautioned to impose high tariffs on China and Mexico once he enters the White House on January 20. He used these two countries as the main examples of the bad international deals that the U.S. government ended up with. This is one of the major concerns that he raised during his campaign.