China’s economy is developing steadily

China's economyThe growth rate of China’s GDP amounted to 6.7% in the third quarter of this year. This is according to the report of the State Statistical control of the country. According to experts’ forecasts the Chinese economy grew at an annual rate to the same index as in the two previous quarters.

According to the official representative of Gosstatupravleniya Layyunya Sheng, the Chinese economy “continues to grow steadily.”

“Regional authorities have reported that some companies want to return to full production, but in this context I want to stress the following: firstly, structural reform of production sector – the fundamental policies of the central government to adapt to new conditions, we have chosen the right direction”, – said Sheng Layyun.

China's economy

Analysts say all the greater dependence of the Chinese economy by government spending and the boom of housing construction, while private investment and exports remain low or urovne.V last year China’s GDP growth rate was 6.9%.