Apple iPhone can shift production to the US

appleThe company Hon Hai Precision Industry, better known as Foxconn Technology Group, is exploring the possibility of assembly iPhone transfer to the United States, according to the Japanese publication Nikkei Asian Review, citing sources.

According to sources, Apple has asked Foxconn publications and Pegatron consider iPhone assembly transport in the United States instead of China. Foxconn has agreed, Pegatron declined because of concern about the cost.

According to media reports, the transfer of production units to double their cost. On the Foxconn factories annually produce at least 200 million iPhone various modifications. Officially, Apple, Foxconn and Pegatron not comment on the situation.

appleAs Nikkei notes, Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly claimed that the Chinese have invested huge amounts of money to their country became the center of world production, and a similar economic climate can not be reproduced in any other part of the world.

The reason for the possible transfer of production to the United States – a requirement that has yet to win in the presidential elections, put forward by Donald Trump. The newly elected president promised their voters more jobs, including by forcing large companies to transfer production from China to the United States.

In the case of such a scenario in reality Apple coming huge spending on infrastructure for the production of art in the United States. Of course, this will affect the cost of the final product. Even with a solid stock of the cache, the decision to wind up assembly lines in China will result in costs that are relevant even for the richest high-tech companies in the world.

Tim Cook

Tim Cook

Actually, with the arrival of Trump Apple could fall out of favor with the new government. In his election campaign, Trump said many times that the modern technologies are out of state control. One of the most acute during the elections was the situation around Apple and the company’s refusal to provide access to the FBI Tools arrow to lock the phone from San Bernadino.

Trump urged to boycott Apple products, and if he will become the US president, has promised to put in place of Tim Cook. So much so that the most apolitical Tim Cook even lashed out at the Trump in an interview, and Apple has publicly refused to sponsor the campaign the Republicans for the first time in its history, standing entirely on the side of democracy.